Saturday, June 23, 2007

Disney Diary, Day 2

So, while we were bouncing around Disneyland on Sunday, we saw this HUGE line waiting for the new Finding Nemo ride. We found out it was a 3 hour wait. We decided that on Monday, we'd be one of the first at the gate when it opened & we'd get a jump on the line. So, while Daddy went to work, the kids & I left for Disney at 7:30. We arrived (via the shuttle service) at 7:58. Yea us! Well, we rounded the corner & saw that 10000 others had the same idea as us!! The lines waiting to get in we're all the way across the entry way to CA Adventure and then some!!

So, we gave up on the idea of Nemo & gave up on getting into DL for awhile. We walked into Downtown Disney just to look around & kill about 15 minute until the crowds cleared out. Well, when we got to Downtown Disney, there was no line to get in thru the Monorail. So, we asked if that was just for hotel guests or could we ride? They said sure! So, we ended up in Disney, at Tomorrowland, just like we wanted! We rode a bunch of rides, looked around at all the things to buy but the kids wouldn't commit to buying anything. Then, we went back to the hotel for lunch, took nice long naps!

After DH came home, we went back but to Calif Adventure this time. We rode a bunch of rides that we had never ridden before. We all rode the California Screaming but Nick called it a "death machine" We all had a blast. CA closes at 9pm so, we were going t o head over to DL to watch the fireworks but, walking out of CA, we were too tired so we convinced the kids to head back to the hotel. From the upstairs window, we had a pretty good view of the fireworks anyway. Yea us!

Leave for San Diego today

The last 6 days have been WILD!!! We've alternated between BUSY 8am-6pm days at Disneyland to 3 hours in the morning, relaxing all afternoon & then nice 3-4 hour leisurely evenings at DL. It's been fun & I'm glad we did the 5 day thing instead of 3 or 4 days. Made me feel like I could rest when we wanted.

Day 1 -- Sunday. Up early for breakfast (love this hotel & their breakfast!) then off to our first day of Disneyland. Run, run, run. Wait, ride, wait, walk, wait, ride. We hit the "important" rides first. For DS that meant Indiana Jones & dd, Pirates of the Caribbean. They "updated" Pirates to go along more w/the movie but I still found it DULL!! The rides does NOT follow the story of the movie so stop trying to make it. It's just confusing if you do! We were going to hit the new Finding Nemo ride but I REFUSED to wait 3 hours for ANY RIDE!!!

Space Mountain had reopened. When we were here 3 years ago, it was closed. Now here's an interesting (to me anyway) continuity to my life: When I was here as a little kid in 1977, we were going to ride Space Mountain. It was a new ride then and there was some huge long wait like 45 minutes (this was in the OLD DAYS when you needed tickets to ride rides). Anyway, we decided to wait. We had been there about 10 minutes & the ride closed down. Since we were only going to be there for 1 day, we left & I never got to ride. So, we get in line to go this time. The wait is only like 20 min or so (we also got a fast pass for later). We wait, we move a little, we wait, we move a little. WE WAIT!! And WAIT. AND WAIT. Sorry ladies & gentlemen, the ride is malfunctioning, we have to close it down. Talk about Dejavu. We had the fast passes for later so, we left the line. We did finally end up riding & the kids loved it. I kept waiting for the giant drop (I figured if we kept going up & up & up, surely there would be the horrible drop soon. But there wasn't. COOL!)
Ok, this took too long to post so now I've got to close up the computer & leave!!

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