Friday, February 16, 2007

What I won't do to get out of cooking dinner!!

This morning, when I asked dh what he wanted for dinner, he said he didn't care but we had to eat at home. He thinks we've been eating out too much. Well, I was driving Becca home from school and, since I had to go to the bank & PO, I had to change my route home. Half-way to the bank, I was stopped at a stop light. Suddenly, something hit us from behind, HARD!! Becca FREAKED out!! We pulled off the road & waited for the police. My van doesn't even LOOK damaged but, dh got rear ended a couple of years ago. There didn't appear to be any damage so dh didn't call the police or get any info from the other driver. Less than 2 mos later, the fuel pump went out. The garage that fixed it said it was most likely a result of the accident.

Anyway, the girls insurance expired YESTERDAY. I don't know what that means. I don't know if she'll get it reinstated or if the ins won't even let her do it now. So, I reported it to my ins & now have to wait until Tue for an adjustor to call. I took the car in to be looked at and the bumper is sprung and will cost $700+ to fix. I guess we'll have to pay our deductible and fix it ourselves.

By the time that all got done it was after 5 so dh said we could grab a burger out. Yea, no cooking for me!!

DD is ok (no bumps or anything). My neck & shoulders are sore but it could just be tension. I'll see how it is tomorrow. It could have been a whole lot worse. But, I never got to the PO to mail all my shack-related mail.

On a happy note, my Bellas came today. Woohoo!! I hope I'll feel well enough to play with them tonite!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anyone want a sewer update??

If so, you are crazier than I am. Skippy came out & looked in my "waste water treatment system". He spent all of 5 min out there & told me I need to have the system "vacuumed"......AGAIN. This is supposed to be done every 5 years or so and we just had it done last winter!!! What's up w/that. It's not that cheap. I could buy 2 full price critterbutts for what they're gonna charge me. And a thrid one too if you count what Skippy charged me to walk out into my backyard!!! It's a total scam I tell you!!! I whined to my dad (who is actually the one who installed ALL these systems in this neighborhood) and told him it's enough to make me want to move. He said I can't move w/o cleaning the system anyway 'cause no one will buy a house w/water in the basement.

So, dh called and wanted to know how things were going. While I sit here & try to figure how to deal w/all this, he's sitting in Houlihan's which is across the mall from ARCHIVERS!!!! How unfair is that??? I told him he needed to go in & buy me something pretty since I'm handling all this mess. Lets see if he does. He would have no idea what do buy me so, I seriously doubt he will. But, he could get me a g/c, right???? I won't hold my breath.

Yea! The Shack is Back

Must have just been me. I don't know how I'd live w/o my shack fix!!


They say, bad things come in threes. 1) my sewer backed up yesterday evening. All over my new sheet vinyl!! ICK!!! We have this icky system called a Norweco and there is only one company that services it. They were just out for our semi-annual maintainece in Dec & I SHOULD NOT be having this problem. They're gonna try to get out today to see what's up. THEY BETTER!! I can't do laundry, dishes or even shower convieniently. BLUCK!!! It's enough to make you want to move!

2) I can't get on to the Shack!!!!!!! This is worse than the first bad thing!!!! I'm lost. I have the day off today & can't surf the shack. Whatever should I do???? I'm gonna turn off my computer & turn it back on & hope that it's some sort of glitch on MY END!!! Oh, say it isn't so!!! I guess I could go work on some cards or at least clean the disaster that is my scrap table up. Nah, I'll go read blogs.

3) Only time will tell!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is me to a T!!! Let me know how y'all score

You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

Can you beieve ANOTHER snow day???

Woohoo!!! And, tomorrow is Teacher Confrences so I'm off all day. DD goes all day & ds has a 1/2 day. Mommy gets ALONE time! Yea! Of course, mommy will have virtually NO PAYCHECK!!!

Mommy NEEDS a big paycheck! Can you believe that I put a new blade in my stinking purple fiskars cutter like a week ago. Yesterday, I tried to cut Chatterbox paper & it chewed it up. It was nearly a new blade. I MUST save $$$$ and get the Dahle cutter everyone is talking about!! I can't stand paying $5 for blades that don't last a week! And, as you can see, I don't end up making that many cards!!! It really stinks!!

I'm off to wrap VD presents for the kids, do some laundry, get stuff ready to mail and vacuum. I'm going to make the most of today! Not like yesterday where I spent way too much time on the computer, slept & watched TV way too much. Today, stuff gets done. Ok, THIS MORNING stuff gets done. I'll play this afternoon :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Envies

Ok, instead of making more VD Cards, I spent the morning (and part of the afternoon) making envies for the 3x3 cards I did last week. WHY?? I don't know. To prove I could do it??? I will have to mail them in a regular envie to get to the people but, they turned out CUTE!!! I did manage to get some other cards done.

These are the cards I made for DH, DS & DD. I'm not overjoyed w/the purple one. I need to get up & make more, NOW!!!

Cosmo Valentine

Sherri sent me some Bella images is my VD card for 2 of my coworkers. I think they'll love her!!

NO SCHOOL HERE TODAY!!!! We still don't have any snow on the ground or even FALLING but, they've canceled school. Yea! I'm gonna make sugar cookies and valentines all day. I did all my chores yesterday and even pre-made dinner (dh called after I started dinner & said we'd eat out!) I'm very excited. DD's school isn't canceled yet but, she's not going anyway! Too far away if things get as ugly as they are predicting.

I'll post later when I get more done (I'm gonnna get LOTS done today!!)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Early Valentine's Day

I think I need to add something to this. The one person I showed this to didn't get the "heart" portion. I think I'm going to stamp a heart behind the words.
I managed to get some of my Valentine's done yesterday. I still have tons to do (and tons to mail since VD is only 2 days away!!!!) If I have time, I'll try to take the stuff to work today & I can work on cards on my break. I have a couple more I'll try to scan & upload later.

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