Sunday, June 3, 2007

Are you ready for cards???

I went to a stamp camp last night. I was not overjoyed w/the demo. She was a little snotty & she changed the rules last week that you had to spend $50 to attend her camps (prev you had to pay $10 which she waived IF you ordered $50). Anyway, when we got there we found out that she was only $2500 from getting her free cruise. Do you think that that had anything to do w/her changing her rules??? Oh well.

We made some really cool cards. I wish she was nicer (or closer, she's about 1.5 hours from my house!!!) We did 3 techniques and 2 cards per technique. Last night I was chomping at the bit to get home & play w/the embossing powder. I hope that this impatience lasts I can start stamping again!!

This is the swing card. She cut all the pieces of this card but gave us a diagram so we can make them at home!! The first one used the designer paper. The double sided paper was really neat for this card but I'm afraid it was a little too lightweight to make this card effectively.

I love the reverse scallop used on the blue card. Unfortunately, there is no "stop" on the punch to make the scallops even. We also did the "rock & roll" technique on the large flower stamp. Stamped in the blue & then rolled the edges thru the red.

I've kinda gotten away from inking the edges of my cards. I used to do it all the time. I think I need to do it more often. Maybe not on EVERY card but here & there. I really like the look.

We used watercolor paper for this card. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about these cards. The heart one was supposed to have butterflies on it but, I HATED the butterflies so, she brought me the hearts. Maybe I should have stuck w/her design?

I'm really starting to dig the blue & yellow combination. Actually, I'm digging yellow a WHOLE lot. I seem to be using it alot. In fact, at this party, I ordered a whole package of yellow paper. I hope that I continute to like this color!!

And the funnest cards, the ones that make me want to get out all my embossing powders (I think I only have 4 but 2 are gold and copper!!) These was so much fun to do!! I want to try it with EVERY stamp I own to see what they all look like!! Neato!!!

Here is a close up of the "coin" I smeared some choc chip ink to make the words stand out more.

This is the final card, also done w/the faux metal technique. I find this whole technique amazing but, then I LOVE anything done w/embossing powder. It really has the WOW factor as far as I'm concerned. Now, to save this feeling of wanting to stamp & get some cards done!

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