Monday, June 15, 2009

My new obsession! I'm IN LOVE w/these new printed Prima flowers! I have 4 bottles of the original Primas & I rarely use them. I don't know why. I never fell in love w/them when I bought them (Sarah wanted to split a "box" of them and I bought some white ones thinking I could color them but never figured out how). But, 2 weeks ago at Michael's, I had 2 coupons & nothing to buy. So, Becca talked me into the Prima's 'cause she thought they were pretty. Now, I want them ALL!!! Every M's coupon I get, it's earmarked for Primas!!!

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I live in Southern IL, near StL. I've been married to Scott for 26 years and we have 2 kids: Becca 21 & Nick 19. We have a kitty named Jack. I work as a medical biller. Scott is an auditor & travels about 2 weeks of the month.