Thursday, April 26, 2007

New "tag" game

Ok, this one I think I can do. Thanh tagged me and, from the instructions, I have to list 7 random (no one said INTERESTING, right?) facts about me. Oh, here goes:

1) I am the only girl in my family. I have 3 brothers.
2) My dad proposed to my mom on the first date. They were married 6 weeks later & have been married for 43 years.
3) My dd was born at the same hospital w/the same anesthesiologist. We were both born on a Friday that was our predicted due date.
4) I can not whistle
5) I have never had a broken bone.
6) I have lived my ENTIRE life w/in 10 miles of where I was born (I spent 2 months in So Calif when I was 20 but, that doesn't really count)
7) I'm scared to dive. I'm afraid I'll belly flop so I refuse to even TRY

Now, I have to pick 7 more people who will have to complete this task (which is SOOOOO much harder than I thought). Well, after checking Thanh's blog, Angie's blog & Barb's blog, I don't know who's left to tag. Let me research this some more & I'll tag tomorrow (by which time anyone left to tag will be tagged by someone else). Must have sleep!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tag, I'm it???

Ok, I just read this post over at Thanh's blog which made me realize I need to address the fact that I've been tagged. Honestly, the tag came at a time when my mind was on other things. I kinda just went on to the next email. I am TRULY honored that she considers me/my blog inspirational. When other people started continuing the game, I realized I needed to do something too but, was hesitant.

If I've posted a link to your blog, I consider you my inspiration. I don't want to single out someone and risk hurting someone else's feelings. I'm in NOW WAY judging anyone who realizes this is just a game and is having fun at it!!! My brain's not quite wired right (and those of you who know me can attest to this!) I just would feel bad picking someone & not picking someone else. So, if I were to play, I would feel compelled to pick someone who had not already been picked and THAT would "violate" the rules of play anyway.

So, I TAG all of you!! If you read this blog, you inspire to me to create so you have something to read about (other than my whining about my life that really is good!) If YOU have a blog linked to the right, I check it EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I love seeing what you're doing and I love hearing about your life! Thank you all for being my friends!!

Just a little something

I guess this card could be taken 2 ways: First a sample of something I did last week. Using SU Designer papr from last year and my ALL TIME favorite SU set, Heartfelt thanks. Really simple card. Or B) a Thank you for all that posted that I'd survive DS & 4th grade. We actually got thru Thur homework w/o any meltdowns by either party. We think we have a NEW plan in place & we'll see how it goes next week. He has 2 1-1.5 page "reports" to do today and/or tomorrow for Tuesday. All he has to do is copy the rough draft that he turned in last week. Should be easy, right???

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