Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No card to post

But I could show you pictures of every ornament that was on my downstairs tree. I took a pic of each ornament 'cause (someday) I'm going to make a digital scrapbook of them all! Of course I was over halfway thru when I found a better way to take the pic so the flash didn't wash them out so much but.....I'm NOT redoing them!! Over half the ornaments are back in thier happy little boxes & all the boxes are in a big rubbermaid tub. I'm really please at how well my tubs fit under my stairs. When Christmas is FINALLY OVER, I'll take a pic & show y'all.

I hope to get a belated b'day card done tonite (after laundry & more ornament mess & maybe some vacuuming. If so, I'll post tomorrow. I found that if I don't post SOMETHING everyday, I let the blog get away from me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Ok, this looked MUCH better in my mind (which is odd since I'm told I have a "dirty" mind). Anyway, DD got VD socks at the $ Spot at Target. I saw these tags & said I must make a card with them. Well, I'm not 100% pleased with the results. So, since she got 2 pair of socks, I can try again.

Monday, January 7, 2008

As promised, a more timely blog

This is a project I actually did this year! These are for Christie's My Favorite Color ATC swap. Can you guess my favorite color? I scanned this on dh's computer, saved it to a flash drive & transfered it to my computer. What a pain!
It's back to school/work today. BLUCK!!! I wanna stay at home!! Even tho I have work, ds's TKD, gotta make dinner and promised dh (who will be in Seattle all this week, lucky duck!) I would start taking the Christmas tree down, I WILL make a card today!! If for no other reason than to make a blog post!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Cards

I found a card I didn't send. It's not the greatest which is probably why this one never got sent. The glue was a very "wet" glue and it warped my paper a bit. You probably can't tell in the pic so, I don't know why I'm dwelling on it. Anyway, this is the card I sent to most people.

The girls I work with saw the above card on a daily basis for about 2 weeks. I knew they were sick of it so I made a 2nd card to send them. This was almost an outright copy of a card I found on splitcoast but, in the hustle of the holiday, I didn't save the link or the name. Sorry!

You probably notice that these are photos, not scans. I got a new (much needed) computer from Santa. Of course it has Vista. Well, my scanner is older than the hills and, although it says it loaded the software, the scanner will not work. So, I decided I would just install dh's all in one printer & scan from it. For some reason, my computer has decided that I, the owner of the computer & the ONLY user on it am NOT the administrator so it will not let me add dh's printer. As Erin would say, it's POOP!!!

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