Friday, March 9, 2007

Size DOES matter!!

I got my new 1.25" punch home & it's a 1.5" ARGH!!!!!! I measured it at Michael's 'cause it wasn't marked & it was 1.25. But, the size of the punch is CLEARLY not the size of the circle on top. So, do I try to return an opened punch to Michael's? What about the coupon I used? I'm assuming they won't give THAT back to me. Do I just keep it & RAK it to someone? Do I take one of my 40% off coupons to HL & buy the one I really want (paper shaper vs marvy)? Anyway you look at it, it's another 45 minute drive to "fix" it.

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Today, dd had school but ds & I didn't. I took dd to school & then drove on to Fairview Heights, a BIG town about 45 min from home. Went to Michael's. No clear stamps :( But, I bought another circle punch w/the 40% coupon that my friend Marge mailed to me (I never get them in my paper). Plus I got the paper packs & some brads that were on sale. Then, it was on to Hobby Lobby. Bought some more Chirstmasa stamps (50% off) and another circle punch w/my 40% coupon. From there, I stopped at Joanns. Not ONE stamp ANYWHERE in that whole store!!! What's the deal with that??? From there, I hit Archivers. I got my 5 sheets of free paper, ANOTHER clear stamp set (happy b'day) w/my 30% off coupon and 6 more sheets of yellow cardstock (I never seem to have the right color of yellow). Then, I stopped at Circut City & bought dh Season 6 of Everybody Loves Raymond (HATE, HATE, HATE that show!!! Why do they always have to make Debra such a shrew????) on sale for $17!!! Then, I hit Culvers (YUM) and got gas ($.17 a gal cheaper than around here) Now, I'm home but will have to leave in an hour to go get dd from school. I have so much cool stuff but no time to play now. Hopefully, I'll have the energy & the inclination to do it after dinner (and dishes & walking &, &, & )

Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's Thursday already?????

Oh my heavens, this is the longest I have gone w/o posting to my blog. NOTHING interesting has happend & I have not created anything in the last 3 days! I still can not get inspired. I want to do more 3x3 cards (since Sherri is doing them & they are stinkin cute) or do some of the blog candy (since Erin is doing them & they are DARN stinkin cute). I want to do some of the funky folded cards seen here I have all day on Friday, most of the day on Saturday and, if dh cleans today like he promised he would do (yeah, right) I won't even have anything to do on Sunday.

My boss suggested I work on a mini-album instead of trying to do a card? I don't know. What if I get into the middle of that & lose steam (or, dont' start w/any steam to begin with??) Or, maybe I should call my dr back, get the results of the blood test he did last week, admit that I'm anemic & start taking the blasted iron pills he recommended LAST AUGUST!!! Or, not.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Searching for Pretty

Using my new $1 stamps. Now, I'm not overjoyed with this card but I'm really not overjoyed w/what my scanner did to the colors. Time to set up a photo area like Kelly's! The colors are really yellow & blue.

Congrats card for my bro who just got a new job. Unfortunately, that new job means moving his whole family to Spfld MO, 250 miles away. And, since her parents are going to move down there with them (they bought 16 acres of land to build a family compound on) they will probably never come back up here for any reason.

This is an attempt to get my groove back. It's getting there. The b/g flower should have been a diff color but, it looks fine in the funky scan here.

Anyone care to hear about my dh's plight??

Today, he went to do an audit (and no, the neato-peato mini suv was NOT for him). This audit had been rescheduled from a couple of weeks ago 'cause the dude's bro had died. They rescheduled for today & the guy said he would call/email if today was not good. So, dh got up, dressed in his suit and we rented a car since I needed to have a vehicle to drive the kids around. Dh drove an hour to the guy's office & he's not there!!!! He's still in Detroit. No call, no email, NOTHING!! DH says the reps have to pay for the pleasure of a compliance audit & this guy will get billed for an audit that never took place. Then, w/in the next month or so, dh will have to go out again & they guy will get dinged for another audit. I'm guessing the rep won't be too pleased when dh finally does get around to seeing him.

So, now, dh's home & I get to drive the fancy red Camry down to pick up dd & to take ds to TKD. I love getting to drive rental cars. He usually gets nicer cars than what we own so it's nice to see how the other half lives.

I'm off to create some more. Did another card that's so-so. Still trying to find "good".

Yea, the Shack is BACK

Was able to log in first thing this morning. It just makes my day go smoother.

Had to take dd to school, then the van to the repair place so I can pay to have my bumper fixed. The chick who hit me never paid her insurance so I'm SOL! Man, can you think of the coolio things I could have bought w/the $250 I'm gonna have to pay on my deductible???? Bummer!!!

Anyway, the shop called, it's gonna be 2 days before they can fix my bumper (I told them the whole thing needed to be replaced but, what do I know, I'm just a girl?) so I had to get a rental car. But, since DH had an audit, he got to take the rental. I'll be lucky to even get to drive it :( It was some kinda of coolio mini-suv. Tonite, I have to p/u dd from school & then take ds to taekwondo. Dh won't be home until I leave for TKD so, maybe I'll go somewhere AFTER.

I'm going to create something pretty today. Im gonna keep at it until it's something I like!! I know I have some talent. I know I've done pretty cards in the past. I should be able to do it now. We'll see what happens by tonite.

Oh yeah, if anyone out there wants to bring me a x-large diet coke w/vanilla from Sonic, I won't turn it down!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Still no Shack????

Well, I guess we could all go back to the PCMB and talk there.

NAH! It would really freak out all the PCMBers to see some of the old names come back. I guess we all need to communicate thru the blogs.

Where is my shack????

Argh!! The shack is down. I hate it when this happens. I miss my buddies soooo much. Maybe I should do some work since I have a REALLY good excuse not to be online. Yeah, right.

Bought 24 clear $1 stamps yesterday at Michaels. I couldn't believe it. They had all but 1 of the designs. Of course, I got the last one of 3 of the designs. If things go well today, I may run (back) to FH today to see what thier M's has.

On other Michaels' notes: The revamped the ENTIRE store. It's like a "real" Ms now!!! Everything is better organized and they have more stuff. I actually SAW the Cuttle Bug for the first time!!! Woohoo. After watching the video that someone posted and hearing that it will cut chipboard, I'm IN!!! I'm gonna get one of these bad boys as soon as I'm done going to SU partys and/or my muse returns.

I swore I wasn't going to buy anything more stamp related until I got my groove back but, that went by the wayside yesterday. Somehow, I spent $40 at M's. Wowser. I need to justify that money by MAKING SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!! I think I'm gonna try to work on Christmas stuff today & see if that gets my MoJo going.

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