Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome 2008!!

I resolve to be a better blogger in 2008
I resolve to get back into scrapbooking (where it all began)
I resolve to make 10 Christmas cards a month
I resolve to make more cards and to that end, I'm going to a) join more swaps and b) start going to my LSS at least once a month to scrap or stamp.
I have done a few things since we last spoke. I got all my Christmas Cards done and mailed and I finished Chris's (Stinky Dog at the Shack). Of course, I was to the last minute on both and have neither scanned.
I did make these snowman ornaments tho. I saw them first on Sherri's blog (she has a link to who she found them from). They turned out SOOO cute. I'm stalking the dollar spot at my Target for ANY baby socks so I can make more next year!

When I went to package up the snowman for delivery, I didn't have any appropriate Christmas shreds. So, what's a crafty scrapper supposed to do?? Use your hubby's shredder to MAKE shreds out of Wrapping Paper. Of course, double sided wrapping paper would have worked better but, i think this turned out cute!

Do you know what else wrappping paper is good for?? Ribbons. "What", you say, "how can you use wrapping paper for ribbons?" Take thin strips (not as thin as shredded, about 3/4 an inch is good. I folded over some leftover paper I had and just cut several sheets at once. Don't crease it while your cutting but a little fold isn't going to hurt. Then, with the blade of your scissors, run the strip over it just like curing ribbon. it will curl very cute! Slap it onto your present w/tape & cover the tape w/a cute stamped tag. Viola! Instant matching ribbon. Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic of this beautiful present. Next time I wrap, I promise to show what I mean.

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