Saturday, February 10, 2007

Plans Change Part 2

Ok, I cancelled my stamping sisters for this morn, decided to I need to bring home-made cookies w/me this afternoon to the hosp. Mom called: they're leaving about 3pm!!!! I could have gone stamping. Dag-nab-it. So I call & reschedule my hair appt. Mom calls back (got interrupted by call waiting. I HATE CALL WAITING!!!) No, they're leaving at 5:30!!! I could have stamped & got my hair cut. Argh. So instead of stamping, I sit, like a slug, in the chair watching stupid tv 'cause I'm stressed & waiting for cookies to bake. Now, I'm on the computer instead of stamping. Gee, I hope we get snow tomorrow/Mon/Tue so I have a snow day BEFORE V'day or NO ONE's getting a card from me :(

I HATE when plans change!!

I was SOOO looking forward to going & stamping w/my Saturday Stampin Sisers this morn but, now, I can't. :( A few weeks ago, my uncle had a stroke. He's not been doing very good & not expected to make it much longer. My cousin & I were like sisters growing up. She would like me to come up to the hospital today. I can't say no but I'm really a little bummed I can't stamp. Oh well, dh is playing cards tonite & I'll stamp then (I HOPE!!!)

Last night was the SU party. I was a little disappointed at the projects. Nothing too exciting: 2 3x3 cards. Woohoo. Nothing "fancy" on either one. There was only one girl at the party who was a newbie & everyone else were "stamping fools". It would have been nice to have a something a little more challenging.

I ordered 3 punches & can't wait to get them! I've been coveting the word window for a long time but couldn't spend $14 on a punch when there were so many cute stamps I still wanted. Well, after getting 14 sets of stamps last month, I can take a stamp break. I have one more party to go to this month. I'm torn between: a) cardstock & stampin spots in Bold Brights (the only family I don't have) or b) the designer punch box. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I ordered my first Bella's on Thursday. I can't wait. My boss ordered 3 along w/me. I hope they get here soon. I can't wait to play with them. I wanna be on the Bella Bandwagon!

Friday, February 9, 2007

How are you supposed to sleep

when your partner SNORES!!!!!!!! Argh! I sleep w/ear plugs but that is not enough. I don't know what I'm going to do. I wish I could convince him to go for a sleep study. But, until the snoring bothers HIM, he won't do anything about it. Oh well, gave me nearly a hour of quiet time in the house this morning!

Did managed to stamp a little last night. I made some Valentines for my Saturday-Stampin-Buddies. If I do say so myself, they look pretty cool. I'll try to post them later.

Tonite is another SU party. Trying to figure out what else to get. I'm thinking that I need some coolio punches & some paper families. Then, tomorrow is Saturday-Stampin Day. WOOHOO!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sorry, I missed yesterday

Slept after work, slept after getting hom w/dd, made dinner,watched TV. I'm a slug. I know it's sad but I LOVE the Monday night comedies!! The phone rang twice & dh & I both grumbled & whined 'cause everyone should know not to call us on Monday between 7-9pm!!! Laughed my tush off at How I Met Your Mother, The Class (it's the Hitler of Chicken) and 2.5 Men!! The new shoe, Rules of Engagement was kind of a let down. I don't like David Spade & it just seemed like it was trying to copy How I Met Your Mother.

Trying to figure out my Stamping Bella order. I'd LOVE any opinions on what I should get (besides one of each :P)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Well, I'm sad the bears lost but, I got 4 more cards made!

While watching the game, I got these cards done. I'm starting to get sick of these papers :P On to Valentines Day now (I still need to do 4 more Christmas Cards before February is over)

BTW, the colors are better in real life. The Snow Angel card doesn't match the paper very well but, it's passable. Finally used some of my new stamps & new inks Yea!

Just found this on the Shack

In case anybody reading this isn't in the Shack (Marge, Debi, Joan?) or just happened to miss this post, this is the coolest idea using the slit punch. I'm buying the slit punch on Friday. Gonna have to try this.

By the way, check out the rest of her blog. Coolest stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bellas!!

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