Thursday, March 29, 2007

SU Party Cards

I went to another SU party on Monday. I ordered Unfrogettable (finally!!) and Doodle That (I think, the tiny one!) plus the piercing template, the corner rounder (to do the scallop technique) the spiral punch & a set of designer paper. Plus, we made these really cool cards. Love cool SU parties (hate lame SU parties)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In order to NOT drive Erin Crazy

I will show Cards Only!! I'd hate for her to have to yell at my blog :P

I made some more Christmas Cards on Sunday. I think I'm now caught up to February. The kids will be gone tonite, so I'm going to make some more. Whacha all think???

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Which is better

or right for that matter. I feel off balance w/the poinsetta on the right but, I'm not sure it looks good on the left either. I knew Delight in Life could make a delightful C'mas card. These poinsettas took forever to cut out! I love them tho. The paper is from Longaberger (have I mentioned that I'm a Longaberger consultant?? Anyone want to buy a basket?) and is the fabric from last year's Christmas Basket. I thought it was too cute.

Ok, this one is the clear (3 to none so far) winner. I'll go w/this. BTW, the reds & greens match SOOOO much better IRL!!! Thanks for looking!

Nick is still Sick

Poor baby!! He acted MUCH better this morning, talking & playing video games. But, about 5 min after I let him have a drink, up it came. The fever seems to be gone, he just can't eat :( Poor Monkey. Grandpa is gonna stay with him this morning while I take Scott to the Airport.

The kids and I had a fun day planned: take daddy (and grandma) to the airport, go to McDs for lunch & then to the Mills to shop and hang out. Now, we can't do that. Both kids are disappointed (of course, so is Mom. I was gonna get to go to Archivers :( Oh well. I'll come back home & stamp.

Now, to find that card I made.......

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