Friday, February 23, 2007

In slightly less than 4 months

I'll be here!

Dh bought the plane tickets last night. Today, he booked our hotels. We'll be in Aneheim (Hi JULIE!) for 7 days (doing the whole disney thing again) and then San Diego for 4 days (Hi DEBBIE)! I'm excited, the kids are excited. Even dh is excited!! I love SD!!! The OC isn't too bad either.

Now, I just hope that dh gets a weeks worth of audits so his company will pay for dh's airfare, the hotel in OC and most of our food for the first week. We are VERY lucky that dh gets to take trips like this & we get to tag along.

We leave on June 16, two days after the last day of school. I hope we have no more snow days! Hmm, I need to start making packing lists!


Ok, y'all want to know about cakes?? I'm baker for the school district here. My job is basically to bake about 6 12x24 cakes everyday. Then, I'm also responsible for baking cakes for any special event. This week, I baked 5 18x26 sheet cakes along w/everything else! Some I bake from scratch, some from a VERY easy box mix: just add water, literally! Today, I baked coffee cake for a special event on Monday. They wanted a cherry streussel cake but, since the recipe makes 2 cakes, I made one cinnamon. OMG, it smelled soooo good!!! I wanted to cut it & eat it right out of the oven. Ymmmmmmm. Gives me a reason to want Monday to come!!

It's a great job (wonderful people PERFECT hours and the pay SUCKS!!!!!!!!!) and I can't imagine go back to a "real" job every again. I've heard, there are jobs that you get one or maybe one & 1/2 days off at Christmas. I can't believe such a thing!! And, I've heard there are jobs where, when it snows, you have to go to work!! Unbelievable! The only down side is I really don't feel much like baking when I get home. I think that has MORE to do w/the wanting to spend every waking hour here on the shack instead of being burned out.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

Just really busy & no time to post. I want to post a pic of something but, I haven't DONE anything to make a pic of. So, here is post to say Hi and I'll try to get something more informative on later :P

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Aren't these just the cuteset????

I got these at the Target $1 spot (but they were $2.50 -- someone explain that??) I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do w/them but, they were too cute to pass up. They would be adorable on my stamp table w/some sort of embellishment in them but, they will probablby end up on top of my cabinets in that empty space between the cabinet & the ceiling. I can never find anything to "go" there.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ok, I tried

I threw this together this afternoon. In my mind, it needed to be on light blue BG paper but, it turned out ok. The balance seems off to me but, I'm rather unbalanced so..... I do have to say I'm LOVING the Brillance inks. VERY COOL!!! Pain to clean up but very cool nice coverage. And just to add fuel to my fear of waste, this is a stamp set I've had for more than 6 mos. Still haven't used my new sets.

I can't stamp anymore!

I have 14 new sets of SU Stamps. I have a new set of Art Warehouse stamps. I have 3 new Bella Stamps. I have tons & tons of cool patterned papers and just about ever color of cardstock and I can't do ANYTHING!!! Nothing is coming to me in inspiration. When I just try to "throw" something together, it looks like CRAP!! I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm wasting so much "free" time (I'm off work again today) and that I've wasted soooo much money on stuff and not using it. I've looked at the cool stuff at the Stamp Shack Gallery but, instead of inspiring me, they just make me feel less "worthy". Now what?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Sunday!

First off, I'm fine after the accident. My neck & shoulders are a little sore but not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I'm so glad I didn't go to the Dr. or the ER 'cause I would have felt like a fool now.

I promised myself yesterday that I wasn't going to waste all day on the computer. And I didn't. I read all the post at the Shack to start the day & said I wasn't getting back on until I had accomplished something. So, I left at 9am to go to the PO (all my valentines are FINALLY mailed) then the auto parts store for brakes for the red car. Then, I took the kids down to the party supply store to buy beads for Mardi Gras. Then bowling. We came home, ate lunch & then went shopping.

DH wanted to go to a base-ball card convention & since there was a Target next door, we went with him. Becca wanted a pink DS Lite and we couldn't find it around here. This Target has like 5 of them. Becs was VERY HAPPY!! Then, we saw that they had clearanced all thier World Bazzar stuff to 50% off! I had wanted this white drawer unit for Becca's room since I saw it but there was NO WAY I was paying $150 for it. I said I'd wait until it went 50% off. It was 30% off on Friday and I considered it but, when I saw it for 50, it was MINE (or hers I guess). We also bought her the matching chair for her computer desk. Now, her computer desk looks like crap compared to these 2 cool pieces but, we'll get her a new desk sometime.

After Target, we went across the street to Best Buy so I could buy St. Elmo's Fire for $6. I wanted to go to Office Max & look for my favorite off white speckled paper but, I was soooo tired by then. Scott was getting hungry so we stopped at Outback for dinner. YUM!!!!

While driving home, I called my mo to see if she wanted to go to Hobby Lobby with me. She said she did & said dad would drive since I was sore & didn't feel up for driving. I bought a set of Art Warhouse stamps (interactive Christmas Circles -- woohoo!) 2 brilliance stamp pads & a big circle punch. All half off so I got them all for $28!!!

Then, we tried to find the nursing home that my Uncle is going to be moved to on Monday. We got lost like 3 times. But, getting lost w/my dad is actually kinda fun. I think my dad and I are the only ones who truly understand each other: we both have the most twisted since of humor! Finally found the nursing facility and it's gonna be more than an hour drive for my aunt. We were really hoping it was a MUCH shorter trip.

As part of the "agreement" for my dad to drive, I had to go to Walmart w/them. After all that, I finally got home at 10pm. Becca's computer wasn't accessing the internet AT ALL so I had to fix that. Finally dropped into bed at about 11:30 and never did get back to my computer. So, I honored my agreement to NOT spend the whole day on the computer but I STILL haven't played w/my Bellas. And now I have new toys too!! Today, I will STAMP!!! OR ELSE!!!

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