Saturday, March 24, 2007

I stamped today

Took me nearly 2 hours to make ONE CARD. And, technically, it's not even finished yet. I'm not sure where to put the stamped element. I was gonna post it here but, I had to put my stuff away and now, I'm not 100% sure where I put it. I'll find it tomorrow & seek opinions then. I was VERY happy w/how it turned out.

DS is still very sick. He threw up 3 times today. He's very listless which, if you know ANYTHING about Nick proves he's REALLY SICK!!! He watched tv all day. Poor little baby. The doctor said it's going around & there is really nothing we can do but let it run it's course. That & make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. Tomorrow, I guess I'll have to get him some gatorade or some pedilyte. I hope he'll be better soon!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Woke up to TWO sick kids today

DD was still unwell. She didn't feel up to going to school so I told her she didn't have to go. DS said he didn't feel good. I told him that he needed to eat & go to school. Figured he was faking. He drank his juice, took his Zyrtek and then went to his room. I told him to brush & flush & get dressed. I went into his room a few minutes later & he was sound asleep on his bed. I decided to let him stay home.

I HAD to go to work. I knew one girl was going to be off so I had to cover for her. When I got to work, another girl never showed up. It was a horrid day. And, to make matters MORE FUN, the computer's crashed & I had to hand write all the kids names so I can enter them when the computer comes back up!

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to call dh to ask how Nick & Becca were. When I finally got home, found out that Nick was REALLY sick. He didn't wake up until 10am & when he did, he threw up. He layed (lied???) around all day & didn't even want to play Game Cube. When I got home, I took his temp & it was 102.4!!! I gave him some tylenol & he went back to sleep. Later, his temp was back down to normal & he was feeling MUCH better. He had some mac & cheese & some koolaid & feel asleep on the couch. Hopefully, he'll be ok in the morning.

So, I sat w/the kids & watched Pirates of the Caribean II instead of stamping tonite. Oh well, the kids enjoyed having mom watch TV w/them so, I'll not complain. Maybe I'll stamp tomorrow.

Nothing to report

Instead of making anything last night, I spent 45 min looking for my Danelle Johnson Circle C'mas stamps. ARGH!!! Why am I such a mess??? My stuff is fairly organized. I cleaned everything up when I put it away. WHY WHY WHY were the C'mas stamps not w/the C'mas stamps??? I finally found them UNDER a box where I keep completed layouts waiting for pictures & somehow, my chipboard. How did it get under a box that has not MOVED in nearly 2 years?? By the time I found them, I was too disgusted w/myself to make anything. And, dh had made popcorn so, I ate that, watched some TV (I'm completely out of the B'ball pools. All 4 of my Final 4 teams lost :( and went to bed. Maybe today???

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm going to Chicago!!

Dh somehow got us tickets to see the Cubs on 4/10. They are apparently pretty cool seats if not good seats. They are the first row in the "bleacher boxes". They are real seats not, bleachers and they are not in the drunk & stupid area. At least I hope these aren't drunk & stupid areas. DH says we might get a home run ball. Yeah, right. It is the Cubs, after alll.

I'm a little worried about the weather. It's probably gonna be cold. Probably VERY COLD. I guess we'll wear ALOT of layers. I'm thinking lots of polar fleece!! Oh, and I have down throws. I can squish all the air out of them & take them. Brrrr, I'm getting cold just THINKING about it.

I'm off to work on some Christmas cards. Maybe I'll have something to post tomorrow?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No new crafting.

In fact, I actually put all my stamp stuff away. Dh wanted to see the basement table. Men!!

DS got his Taekwondo yellow belt tonite. He's so excited. He's only been in TKD a little over a month. He's got his eyes on the green belt. Green is his favorite color. Once he gets that, I'm not sure if he'll even TRY to get anything higher. Last week, we bought him a t-shirt to wear instead of his smock thingie (wish I knew the real names for these things. Some of them are written in his instruction book but they're all Korean (or Japanese, I don't really know) and they are NOT pronounced they way they are spelled. At least it doesn't seem to be the way the instructor says it. (BTW, the instructor is WAAAAY CUTE!! No honey, I don't mind taking Nick to TKD at all. You stay home & relax. LOL) Anyway, back to the t-shirt. It's green & says "Taekwondo Freak" on it. He loves it. I think he'd sleep in it if we'd let him.

DD is coming down w/something. Probably the same thing ds had last week. She's mopey (she's 12, she ALWAYS mopey!!) and snotty (really snotty, not just 12 yo snotty!) and more whiney than usual. I guess she'll end up staying home tomorrow. At least dh is home tomorrow & can take care of her. I'm finally going to have a full week in at work which means a full paycheck somewhere down the road.

That's the boring news from here. I'm really in the mood to stamp but, I'm going to iron instead & do some laundry.

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