Friday, May 4, 2007

Do not panic, I'm still alive

Just over run w/personal stuff and/or spending time playing Zuma 'cause it's less stressful ????? Anyway, I have to help my parents load their moving van 'cause they're moving again. This time, 5 hours away to a whole new state. It's freaky & weird to think I'm not going to be w/in 5 minutes from my parents anymore. If something goes wrong, I can't call my dad to fix it. We were supposed to drive them down to Bolivar this weekend but 2 of my 3 bros (the 3rd is living in Spfld, MO, and is coming home to visit his wife & get their stuff packed to move down to near Bolivar) decided they would help so I'm off the hook.

I INTEND to spend this unexpected "free time" (all day Saturday) working on my Circle Journal. I'm so behind in this endeavor & I need to get on it NOW!! I do have my theme & an idea of what I'm going to do so, I'm hoping it'll go together quickly. I do have a few cards to show and I'll try to get to that AFTER I finish my swaps!! Miss you ALL!!!!

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