Monday, August 4, 2008

Catch-up From July -- Part 1

I have been really busy this summer. Since the weekend BEFORE school got out until now, I've been on 5 driving trips, 6 states, 6 hotel rooms and 2 huge storms away from home! I'm tired!!

Now, it's back to school time already. Becca's sign up for volleyball and Nick's going to start Jr. High at Bethel (same Christian school that Becs has been going to for 3 years now). I'm still working in the Alton public school system so our days off will still be different (Spring Break is the biggest difference & PITA!)

So, 3 weeks ago, we went to Des Moines IA. I love the state of IA and would move to Dubuque in a HEARTBEAT! Des Moines was ok but not an overly friendly place. We stayed in what we now call the "Target Hotel". Very contemporary & very RED! I didn't think red was conducive to rest; why make a hotel red??? I swear, we were at a Target & they had a employment computer right near the check out. The screen saver was the EXACT carpet from the hotel!! Weird.

The best part of DM? Meeting up w/Cindy & Tracy at Archivers!!! TWICE!! Meeting up with a Shackie is just the BEST!! Putting a face w/the screen name and feeling like you really KNOW someone now. Not just an Internet acquaintance!! So very cool. We shopped & stamped & Cindy let me borrow her oval Nestabilites to work on ATC swaps. Oh, it was so much fun!!

When I was not w/"the girls", the kids & I got to do some fun things. Usually, when we go on audit trips with Scott, we have no vehicle. But, because of the number of miles he had to drive to GET to DM & then the amount of miles he had to travel WITHIN IA, he rented a car once we got there. The kids and I went to see a matinee showing of Wall*E. Nick & I loved it. Becca, who didn't think it would be that good to begin with didn't think it was super. She didn't hate it. She's 13, need I say more??

That same night, we went, along with Scott to go see Indiana Jones. It was an ok movie, not nearly as good as 1 & 3 but much better than 2!! I think Harrison Ford may have moved out of the "doable" category.

The kids and I also did some back to school shopping. Nick has to wear polos & khakis and needed more clothes. We found him 6 acceptable (to him) polos. When I got back to the hotel, I had an email from the school: stripes are now acceptable. We went back to the mall & bought him a striped polo (from Holister. ACK!!) Becca found a hoodie she liked (the "hip" stores don't cater to "round" teens!)

The best part of Iowa? Diet Vanilla Pepsi. They do not distribute DVP in the St Louis area. They have it in Bolivar MO, Jackson IL and Des Moines IA but NOT StL. So, I stocked up (forgetting that I had to pay a deposit on aluminum cans. Oh well).

More from July tomorrow

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