Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 23 Late & it's Basketball, AGAIN!

Yesterday was a supremely bad day is oh so many ways!! I left for work at 7am, worked until 1:30, came home & took a 15 minute nap, drove to South Roxana to pick up the kids, drove them to Edwardsville (to run into Michael's for just a minute :), drove to Collinsville, found the school, drove to Culvers (yum!), drove back the the gym, waited, waited, waited, waited, finally someone else figured out the the gym was in the CHURCH, not the SCHOOL, watched the boys get creamed (which is good 'cause then Nick gets to play) in a gym that had NO ROOM FOR CHAIRS -- while sitting on the sidelines, our feet were "in bounds", drove back to Culvers for ice cream (w/my nephew), dropped Andy off, came home & pretty much fell asleep at 9:30. I do have pics of the game but, nothing that interesting. I guess I could post one of those & be done for the day. Hmmmm.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 22

(What am I going to do when February hits & I won't be able to easily figure what day it is????)

Last night the kids had sports pictures taken after school. This is the first time that both kids have been involved in a sport at the same time. This is good & bad. I spend ALOT of time waiting around for practices and driving to home & away games. But, I digress.

Since I had no idea what time we would be done w/school, I talked Scott into eating out. We went to Jack in the Box. I LOVE JitB. Yummy burgers & tacos, so-so fries. Until a few years ago, I didn't realize that they were not a national chain. I'd seen them in the StL area and I'd seen them in California so, I assumed they were everywhere. They're not! Shame, they have terribly funny commercials & the cutest antennae balls. Hmmm, a pic idea for another day?

Oh yeah, my kids (and in the last few years, my hubby) are addicted to ketchup. Scott usually only eats it fast food resturants (the ketchup at home is cold, he likes his at room temperture). So we get ALOT of ketchup.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 21 pic

Found my purse & my camera wasn't in it. It was down here the the whole time. Suprise! I'm lazy. LOL

Anyway, here is my view when I got to work yesterday. Wasn't the pic I had hoped for but I think it turned out pretty good. One of these days (when the sunrise is earlier, I'll take one from my house!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 20

For Inaguration Day, all the teachers were allowed to take their classes into the gym or library and let the kids watch the ceremonies. For us, this meant we needed a portable lunch that the kids could take w/them tot he gym or library. So, what's more portable than CORNDOGS!! We packed them into their sleeves (not shown) and put an apple, carrot sticks, Teddy grahams and milk into a paper bag & off they went. Apparently, one of the classes either didn't stay long or couldn't find space 'cause they came back & ate their lunches in the cafeteria.

Day 19 (for real this time)

On MLK, my Florissant girl friends got together & invited me! Woohoo! Stamping on a Monday. So I pack all my stuff but, when I got there, I worked on a project they had done & wanted to replicate. We had such a good time. Marge showed up a bit late as she had to take her hubby for a minor medical procedure. We always have so much fun when we get together. I wish I lived closer to them so I could get together more often!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, if you read my previous post, I was trying to put one over on y'all. Well, my mom always said "be sure your sin will find you out". My computer decided it needed to scan my EHD for errors & locked my computer up all afternoon & evening. No fixing the scam post. No posting for today's pic either. I promise, sometime tomorrow, I will post days 19, 20 & 21!!! I have the pics, just need to get them on here (although I am worried 'cause the problems w/my EHD were regarding my pics!!! YIKES!!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

Ok, this is really bad: I took my pics today, I crafted today. Both the pics (ok, the camera) and the project are upstairs & I'm too lazy to go get them. I'm seriously thinking of packing it in & going to bed at 9:16pm!!

So, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm posting this drivel. Tomorrow, early, before anyone (at least anyone in the US) is up, I'll edit this post with the pics & the "real" blog entry. The date & time will show tonite & no one will be the wiser. Unless someone is up late & actually READS my blog.

Until tomorrow then.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18

Well, it's the end. End of Sunday football. Yes, I know there is still the Super Bowl but, that's different. I will no longer be a football widow. I will no longer have something to sleep thru (I'm sure I can find something). Dh will be available on Sunday afternoons for other projects. Until Spring Training games start.

Can you see the Hubby decorating touches? The books of baseball cards? The Cubby bear? The Cubs blanket? The framed pic o Wrigley Field above the baseball cards? Above the TV, there is a cross stitch pic of a Cubby Bear & a Football Bear. I made it for Scott when we were still dating. Technically, the big screen, HD tv is dh's contribution so he can see the baseball games in HD. Guess what? WGN is NOT in DH thru DirecTV.

Lookey, 2 craft post in a row!!!

Thrills y'all, doesn't it.

Here are the ATCs I've finished this year. A couple I LOVE, one I wish i could re-do (especially now that I have everybody else's and mine looks like poop (ErinK word!))
These are from left to right:
Sherri's Rosy Red swap or AKA the poop ATC. In retrospect, I really don't like this. I have a fear of too much white space!
Sherri's Froggy Swap that hasn't been sent yet. The frog is not crooked. It's on a wire & bounces!
Angie's Changito Swap that hasn't been sent yet. I like him but I'm afraid no one will get his "Lost in Space" title. I'm REALLY OLD!!!

Sherri's Brown Swap. Gotta love ANYTHING w/Changito
Sherri's Blue Swap. This was the new Changito set I got for Christmas
Off to work on 5 C'mas cards per month swap and the Valentine ATC swap.

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