Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Dare

It's ME!!!  YIKES!!  Not my favorite subject.  But, A dare is a DARE!  This is a picture Becca took of me last spring.  Payback for some pic I'd taken of her.  She dared me to save it & publish IT to FB which I did.  Then when Tracy dared us to take a pic of ourselves an make it the focus of our page, this was the result.

I'm not 100% happy w/how it turned out.  The stamping's too light & uneven.  And too LINEAR!!!  It needs SOMETHING but there's no time to fix it again (I origially SERIOUSLY messed up the "artist" stamp in the up right hand corner but managed to fix it w/o it being too obvious. 

Work is HORRID right now, draining ever ounce of energy I can muster so there's not be much done, craft-wise this month.  Maybe next month...

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