Saturday, February 23, 2008

I received my SU order. WOOHOO

My SU order came on Monday. My wonderful demo brought it to me in a snow-shower!

I was determined to make some cards w/this bounty. I started w/the rubons (stinking COOL rubons!) I figured I'd use the black first. Ok, what color would look best with black. Not red, not white. Hey, I've got some In Colors left from last year & I'm going to get rid of them all! I have decided that In Colors are not a good thing (at least not for my weirdly wired mind). I bought 3 colors of ink & reinker 'cause I would not be able to get the ink again. Uh, what do you do w/the ink & inkers when the PAPER is gone??? I now have Cranberry Crisp & True Thyme ink & no paper to go with it. I hate that!!! But, I digress.

I picked out Vintage Violet 'cause I thought the black would look good against that color. Now, to find another color to go with it. All of the remaining In Colors look HORRID w/this color except Marigold Morning (the 3rd color of ink I bought. WHY??? I hate yellows!) This combo looks ok & I find a ribbon in my stash that goes pretty well.

I have to make something else to use my new stamps & Scallop punch. I look for a pattern paper to go w/dirty bruises (VV). Nothing! Finally, I find some scraps of an old Basic Grey. It actually matches (and the distressing matches the Marigold!) I'm not 100% crazy about this one.

So I try some more BG PP to see what else I come up with. These, I'm actually pretty happy with. I'm still not digging the VV. I went to a SU Color Matching site but, there wasn't much there I liked. I was going to try it with a rose or pink color when Shuggy posted that she LOVES this color. I'm sending the rest to her and not wasting any of my time on a really, really ugly color.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I LOVE my new SU Demo!

So, I had a SU party on 2/2. One of the two attendees said she's book a party from mine. Of course, I HAD to go to hers (and spend another $50 for ANOTHER SAB set!) These are the cards we made that night. I just LOVE her projects. They are so much fun & have so much "pop"! I had another stinky demo before.

Unfortunately, my StL friends have not yet met my new demo so they are still using stinky demo. One of them is having a party Saturday with SD. We'll see what ideas she has.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Repurpose? I bought Becca a skirt for school & it came with this belt. She said she would NEVER wear it but I left it in the laundry room for the last 5 months. Today, I got a wild hair to clean up some junk left in there. I had it in my hand to throw away but then decided it could be reused for something.

It's been a LONG time since I've done macrame let alone UN-macrame but, I took the whole thing apart. I now have beads and fibers. Can't say I'll ever use them but, you never know.

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