Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pretty Ribbon

Went to Target last night & found this ribbon in the Easter section. It was only $2.99 for 6 rolls. Each roll has 4' of ribbon on it. I forgot to look in the S/B section to see if they got anything new & cool in (Primas???) which now upsets me since I ended up using a 10% off coupon. Oh well, there's always today.

I'm still working on my inchies. Can't post them here but they are CUTE!!! At first, I didn't like them. I tried 3000 stamps & they all looked blah. I think I have to have layers to make stuff look "right" to me. So I played around a bit & found that I got the PERFECT stamps for this size card back in my huge Jan SU Purchase. If you are in the swap at the Stamp Shack, I think you will be pleased!!

UPDATE!!! Ribbon is on sale now. I think it's 2.69 now. Such a deal!!


Alli said...

Oooooh, fabulous ribbon, I love it. Thank you so much for the sweet commment on my Trees Three card, I really appreciate it. It's nice when you are struggling with something to have others support you, even if it is a stupid stamp set!

shuggy said...

cute ribbon. you stalking someone else? i feel neglected.

Thanh said...

Such pretty ribbon... and such a good deal too. Not fair that Canada doesnt have targets. hmph. lol

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