Friday, May 4, 2007

Do not panic, I'm still alive

Just over run w/personal stuff and/or spending time playing Zuma 'cause it's less stressful ????? Anyway, I have to help my parents load their moving van 'cause they're moving again. This time, 5 hours away to a whole new state. It's freaky & weird to think I'm not going to be w/in 5 minutes from my parents anymore. If something goes wrong, I can't call my dad to fix it. We were supposed to drive them down to Bolivar this weekend but 2 of my 3 bros (the 3rd is living in Spfld, MO, and is coming home to visit his wife & get their stuff packed to move down to near Bolivar) decided they would help so I'm off the hook.

I INTEND to spend this unexpected "free time" (all day Saturday) working on my Circle Journal. I'm so behind in this endeavor & I need to get on it NOW!! I do have my theme & an idea of what I'm going to do so, I'm hoping it'll go together quickly. I do have a few cards to show and I'll try to get to that AFTER I finish my swaps!! Miss you ALL!!!!


hutch ink designs... said...


So glad you are ok, I've been missing you! I have to work on my circle journal this weekend too! Good luck with getting caught up!


Mary said...

I'm with you on the business of life! Good to hear you're catching up on a project though. One of my friends asked me yesterday to do a scrapbook for her. Woohoo!


flipflops4sherri said...

I miss you! Your lonely friend in NC, Sherri

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