Monday, April 6, 2009

New Punch

I was at Walmart last week buying a TON of stuff we needed around the house. I also bought all the adhesive refills they had for my "snail". While I was standing there, this punch said "it's about time you stop staring at me & buy me!!" So, not being one to argue w/a punch in the middle of a discount store, I tossed him in my cart. I have NO RECOLLECTION of putting him on the check out belt and truly thought he must have jumped out of my cart at some point during the rest of my shopping.

I get home & Scott is there to help me unload the stuff. HE finds the punch. Doesn't it just figure. LOL I've coveted this punch since before Christmas when I saw adorable wreaths, reindeer & believe it or not, snowflakes made w/this punch. Some of the Shackies were able to find it as a "clearance Christmas punch" after the holiday but not my Walmart. I don't care, I love it!!

Now to make something with it!!!

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