Friday, June 12, 2009

I did a bad bad thing!!!

Oh, life is soooo not good right now. I was making my Sheep ATCs for Angie's swap. I wanted to use my nifty-neato label nesties. Well, I cut one out, to see how it would work. Then I went to cut out something else. Didn't realize the nestie was stuck to the bottom of my "C" plate and into the CB it went. The sandwich resisted going thru and so I tried harder. Then I realized something must be wrong. I pulled the sandwich out & my nestie fell in my lap :( I tried to run it thru to top to flatten it back down but it won't flatten. It still cuts but not very clean (although, this is the nestie that was "defective" before & wouldn't cut clean). I called Spellbinders & was told I can not buy one nestie, I have to buy the whole set. So, at some point, I'm going to order another label set. Then, I guess I'll give away my partial set. I'm bummed!!


The Mama Monkey said...

Oh no!!! I have tears for you. :( Bummer that they will not replace one. That stinks.

Cindi said...

well, suck-a-roo!!! I'm sad for you & your poor broken nestie

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