Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finally, a new share?

I have so many things that I have taken pics of and want to get on here but, for some reason or another, I haven't managed it. So, instead of worrying about what "needs" to go on here, I'm just gonna stick some out here!

These are pages for Patti's Christmas Circle Journal. When I got her's, I thought "oh goodie, no theme. this will be easy". Well, not so much. I knew I wanted to color block & I was pretty sure which images I wanted to use. I first stamped them all on white copy paper, cut them out leaving a bit of border around each. I messed around placing them, cutting them down farther or marking the ones that needed to be bigger. Then, I filled in the spaces with images that fit the area and theme. Then, I tried to determine what colors would work best. I should have had more red & green but, I need to color some images so that required they be on lighter colors. After alot of work, it turned out fairly cute. On to the next journal!!!

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