Thursday, February 4, 2010

Manly ATCs

For Christie's Manly ATC swap. This swap was a pain in my patoot! I knew I wanted to use these TH stamps but I had a hard time getting everything where I wanted it & how I wanted it. I embossed the "flourish" thing w/distressed embossing powder. I've had this stuff for a while & never use it as I'm not sure how it's supposed to look. I hope when people get their ATCs they won't say "hey! Suzi embossing skills suck!" Maybe I should have added a note that the powder is supposed to be rough & flaky??? The truck was another disaster. I embossed it w/versamark & clear powder & liked the way it looked on SU's close to cocoa paper. So, I stamped 10-12 images & cut them all out. Then, I realized I stamped them on Creamy Carmel. It didn't look right. I tried everything to make them work but, in the end, restamped & recut w/the Close to Cocoa. Who wants 10 truck images in creamy carmel????


Thanh said...

Nice work, Suzi.

shuggy said...

you worry too much. they look great. i'm trying to figure out what to do for this one. i bought some stamps (a $1 set) but can't for the life of me find it...

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