Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ever feel your life is spinning out of control??

I really really don't want to complain. I have a great life! Really I do! But every now & then, I get a little stressed and this week has been it. Should all be better today!! We've had some problems getting our van but it's supposed to be here by 3pm. I officially decided at 10am that we WERE going to Chicago with Scott so I need to get PACKING & get some laundry done. I want to get some crafting kits to take with me so I'll have something FUN to do (Scott'll have the car everyday so we're "stuck" at the hotel.)

Anyway, it's all good: I'm getting a new car & I'm able to take the kids on one last week of fun before school starts. Becca made the varsity Volleyball team, sort of (she's going to play "some" but she's going to do the "books" too). It's all good. And I have WONDERFUL friends who read my blog (at least on Unity/Ippity days, LOL) who make me feel good. I just wanted to tell you (if you read this post) how wonderful you all are and, no matter how momentarily crazy things are, I feel so happy when I read you all comments. I STILL haven't finished Thursday's Hip Hop and haven't even BEGUN to look at y'alls FWF posts from yesterday but I WILL get caught up!!! Maybe I'll use hubby's computer "on the road" tomorrow & read during the 4.5 hour drive?? Thank you all!!! You really are Friends with FLAIR!!!


stampjourney said...

Glad things are looking up for you, Suzi and that you'll have a fun last week with the kiddos before school starts! Enjoy it!

shuggy said...

suzi, you are my bestie fwf!! remember when you were my blog stalker? i sorta miss that! glad you finally got your van and have fun in chicago! go to giordano's for me!


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