Thursday, October 14, 2010

Desktop Challenge

Two weeks ago, Sarah suggested a challenge. Using only the items currently on your desktop, make a "project". You could add one item/tool not already on your desk to complete the challenge.

I made two projects. The first one I added googly eyes; the rest of the supplies were leftovers from previous projects. I kinda felt like this was cheating as I had EVERY Halloween stamp on my desk 'cause I'm in the middle of like 17 Halloween themed ATC swaps!!

The 2nd project also felt kinda like cheating. The reindeer was a new purchase that I set on my desk as soon as I got home. So, while it was on my desk, it wasn't a leftover! For this one, I added the 1/4 circle punch (the 1/2 was already on my desk).

What could YOU make w/what's left on your desk???

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JessicaLynn said...

I love your deer card.. it is very creative!!

Thank you for sharing!!
Jessica Lynn

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