Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Scott

Today is DH's birthday. I won't reveal his age but, he is OLDER THAN ME!!! (the most important fact!) I actually baked him a cake this morning (at 5:45am!) I considered just making one at work today & "accidentally" bringing it home but, he wanted lemon cake & I'm making chocolate today.

After making this card, I see that maybe I should hang up my stamps. Well, there are no stamps on it other than the sentiment but...... My muse is TOTALLY gone. And, on my own, I can not even place balloons in an artistic manner.


flipflops4sherri said...

There is nothing wrong with this card. Do you think he will even notice IF it was awful? Mine doesn't even notice a great card! LOL Its fine. Don't you worry about it! Do not give up on stamping. What would I do without my stamping buddy?? Sherri

Julie said...

This card looks good, Suzi- what are you talking about? Ummm cake.

flipflops4sherri said...

I changed my music on my blog should you care to see what I added this time :)


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