Thursday, March 1, 2007


This just in: 2 times this week, I've had dreams about Christmas lights. The big C7 lights, not the tiny ones. What do you think this means????? Any dream people out there? A link to a dream website?

Edit: Julie, I think you are RIGHT ON w/what the dream means. I bet those big lights use ALOT more electricity than the little ones.


Julie said...

I can help.

These dreams signify your worries that you will have to get a second job to run those lights this Christmas! LOL They take too much electricity! :)

shuggy said...

um, you are dreaming of christmas lights, cause you aren't fulfilling your stalker requirements!!! where have you been? i've missed you!!!

flipflops4sherri said...

Yes that is it ... you aren't stalking us like you were. Makes complete sense to me that you would dream about the BIG Christmas lights. hee hee

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