Saturday, February 10, 2007

Plans Change Part 2

Ok, I cancelled my stamping sisters for this morn, decided to I need to bring home-made cookies w/me this afternoon to the hosp. Mom called: they're leaving about 3pm!!!! I could have gone stamping. Dag-nab-it. So I call & reschedule my hair appt. Mom calls back (got interrupted by call waiting. I HATE CALL WAITING!!!) No, they're leaving at 5:30!!! I could have stamped & got my hair cut. Argh. So instead of stamping, I sit, like a slug, in the chair watching stupid tv 'cause I'm stressed & waiting for cookies to bake. Now, I'm on the computer instead of stamping. Gee, I hope we get snow tomorrow/Mon/Tue so I have a snow day BEFORE V'day or NO ONE's getting a card from me :(


Sara71 said...

I am sorry your mom pulled that crap on you, but it sounds so totally "your mom"!!! I am sorry you didn't get to stamp, but then again if you had gotten to stamp I would have been jealous. Go read my blog, Kim's VB team played yesterday!!

LOve ya!

Sara71 said...

Forgot to tell you, good wishes for your uncle, I hope he can make a turn around, or is at least as comfortable as they can make him. I love you, and I will keep you all in my thoughts!!!


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