Saturday, February 10, 2007

I HATE when plans change!!

I was SOOO looking forward to going & stamping w/my Saturday Stampin Sisers this morn but, now, I can't. :( A few weeks ago, my uncle had a stroke. He's not been doing very good & not expected to make it much longer. My cousin & I were like sisters growing up. She would like me to come up to the hospital today. I can't say no but I'm really a little bummed I can't stamp. Oh well, dh is playing cards tonite & I'll stamp then (I HOPE!!!)

Last night was the SU party. I was a little disappointed at the projects. Nothing too exciting: 2 3x3 cards. Woohoo. Nothing "fancy" on either one. There was only one girl at the party who was a newbie & everyone else were "stamping fools". It would have been nice to have a something a little more challenging.

I ordered 3 punches & can't wait to get them! I've been coveting the word window for a long time but couldn't spend $14 on a punch when there were so many cute stamps I still wanted. Well, after getting 14 sets of stamps last month, I can take a stamp break. I have one more party to go to this month. I'm torn between: a) cardstock & stampin spots in Bold Brights (the only family I don't have) or b) the designer punch box. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I ordered my first Bella's on Thursday. I can't wait. My boss ordered 3 along w/me. I hope they get here soon. I can't wait to play with them. I wanna be on the Bella Bandwagon!

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