Sunday, March 11, 2007

A more creative day

Yesterday, Scott took the kids bowling & I got to stay home & craft! Why is it when he takes the kids, half the teams don't show up & they get out of there in under 2 hours but when I take them, EVERYONE shows up & brings along friends??? Oh, the inequities of life.

While he was gone, I made this:

I copied the idea from one Beate had posted on her blog here I adjusted the size so I mine would fit into my 3x3 envies. I actually like it. Here is the inside view:

After lunch, I made the "tiny" version of the cakes I make for work. Then, I took a nap (yea, naps!). Scott so graciously agreed to eat dinner in Fairview Heights so I could return my punch & buy the correct one at HL. Yea!!! We had an absolutely PERFECT dinner at Outback: my steak was cooked perfectly (well done, not burned!) my potato was EXCELLENT (not too dry & no funky spots) and our waitress actually brought us stuff BEFORE we asked. Just perfect.

Then, we headed to Michaels. Other than having to stand in line for too long to just return something, it was perfect too. They took my opened punch back and gave me my money back. Then, we hit HL, not so perfect. They didn't have a 1.25" punch (I SWEAR they did on Fri) so I bought a .75" one (couldn't let a perfectly good coupon go to waste now could I??) I dropped dh & the kids off at Best Buy (HATE that store. Nothing that could REMOTELY be considered stamping stuff there) while I drove back to Archivers. Bought my 1.25 punch (for full OVERprice) and some more of the pretty, pretty, pretty Daisy D Archivers exclusive paper. Very, very YUM! Plus I had another coupon for more cardstock.

I picked up dh & the kids, took the kids to Toys R Us, determined that the kids have outgrown TRU & headed back home. Dropped dh & the kids off at Target (needed a rain check for Veggie Tales Mo & the Big Exit. Yes, I do believe my kids have outgrown VT too but, I like them.) while I took the library books back. Home, Computer, watched a really stupid movie (Just Friends, ICK!!!) and then to bed.

Today, (if your still awake & not bored to tears) I have to clean the house, do laundry & play w/my new stuff.


Julie said...

I got tired just reading all of that! lol

flipflops4sherri said...

Love your cards. I would say your muse is back. YEAH!! Aren't 3x3 cards great and fast?? Sherri

shuggy said...

cute!!! i love the colors.

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