Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm addicted to 3x3 cards!!

On the 2nd card here, I used my coolio slit punch to make the scallops. I LOVE this technique!!! BTW, the cardstock behind the scallops is dark purple.

This is the reverse side of the purple/green paper above. It's is so cool!! I just love this paper. I sure hope it makes it into the big catty this fall. This is dark brown cardstock. I don't know if you can tell but I pierced the edge of the 2nd card. The piercing template thingie is on my wishlist for me NEXT SU order.

I typed this WHOLE thing & blogger ate it 'cause I put an "&" in my label. So, I was bummed I was gonna have to reload all 3 pics again. Then I saw that you can add all pics at once!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!


Thanh said...

Oh my! Look at you go. lol These itty bitty cards look great, Suzi! Send me one :P jk.

Julie said...

Great purple cards, Suzi!

Laura said...

Those cards are fantastic!! I like the scallop you created and you are right about that paper - its gorgeous!

shuggy said...

as always...cute!!

or stalkalicious...

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