Sunday, April 15, 2007

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Ok, a week or so ago, I bought this glue pad. I had seen in advertised & since I've had NO luck w/heat & stick, I bought it. I haven't used glitter w/stamps in forever and don't really remember WHY I felt it necessary to glitter but, I have like 8 diff colors of glitter & then my friend Sara sent me 6 more baggies full of it.

I just grabbed a stamp that happened to be on my table & stamped it into the glue (YOU add the glue to the pad & it's supposed to be good for 100 images per tablespoon full.) The glue seemed to give good coverage. I sprinkled my glitter over the top. I didn't read the directions and decided to give it time to "dry". I ended up leaving it overnight. Next morning, it was fine. The glitter stayed on really well while I punched it out & glued it to a card front. The details were lost in the glitter. I don't know if this was user error or if I needed to do something different.

After Sheri posted at the Shack the problems she had w/her glue drying, I tried the technique again. I stamped a different image. I added the glitter & timed the wait. After 10 minutes, I went back to check it. The glitter was firmly attached. I even took a stiff paint brush & wiped away the excess glitter & the glitter that was supposed to stay, stayed.

As I said, I used ultrafine glitter. I used cheap (not SU) cardstock that was not glossy. Seems to work pretty well to me. I can now add bling to my cards w/o messing w/the stickles (which, technically are easier to use but, I have problems getting the stuff out of the bottle!!) Click on the pictures & I think you'll get to see the "big picture" so you will get the detail.


Julie said...

Nice product review :)

Erin K said...

looks pretty cool. I've only heard people love or hate this stuff... Sounds like the trick is to follow the directions EXACTLY.

Thanh said...

Awesome review, Suzi! I love my Stickles and dont think Im going to give them up quite yet.

Thanh said...

PS - the LSS store I visited is in Thornhill, Ontario. They have two locations, and the other is in Missisuaga! its called "Cherished Scrapbooks"

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