Thursday, April 26, 2007

New "tag" game

Ok, this one I think I can do. Thanh tagged me and, from the instructions, I have to list 7 random (no one said INTERESTING, right?) facts about me. Oh, here goes:

1) I am the only girl in my family. I have 3 brothers.
2) My dad proposed to my mom on the first date. They were married 6 weeks later & have been married for 43 years.
3) My dd was born at the same hospital w/the same anesthesiologist. We were both born on a Friday that was our predicted due date.
4) I can not whistle
5) I have never had a broken bone.
6) I have lived my ENTIRE life w/in 10 miles of where I was born (I spent 2 months in So Calif when I was 20 but, that doesn't really count)
7) I'm scared to dive. I'm afraid I'll belly flop so I refuse to even TRY

Now, I have to pick 7 more people who will have to complete this task (which is SOOOOO much harder than I thought). Well, after checking Thanh's blog, Angie's blog & Barb's blog, I don't know who's left to tag. Let me research this some more & I'll tag tomorrow (by which time anyone left to tag will be tagged by someone else). Must have sleep!

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hutch ink designs... said...

That is so cool about you an your DD! My DH and I are 2 days apart, born at the same hospital and delivered by the same doctor.


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