Sunday, August 5, 2007

And more cards!!!

I'm going thru a Cool Caribbean phase:

I think I'm alot more comfortable w/3x3 cards. Plus, this stamp set is fairly small & I haven't figured out how to make the images carry a larger card. Yet?


Myrnabs said...

these cards turned out precious! I loved them all. Those are wonderful colors, Thumbs up!!

BTW, it's a boy cat ;o)

Kim said...

Love the colors they are all so cute! I love doing 3 x 3 too!


Thanh said...

So cute... and i LOVE cc!!

Aunt T said...

Adorable - I love your color choices - excellent!


Mary said...

Great color combo!

Mary (toao)

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

loving these blue cards

Tandra said...

Cool Carib was the BEST!! SU should've kept it and gotten rid of_______(insert color here!)
Cute 3x3's! Love the scalloped edge, and your colors!

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