Wednesday, August 1, 2007

FINALLY!! New Cards

I got my stamps for Sherry's new website, Inkspirations the other day. I thought these were SOOO CUTE!!! Plus, I need more b'day images. Here are my first creations with them:

Forgive the scans. The knots made the scan kinda wonky. Plus, I'm using dh's computer/scanner & I'm not real "fluent" in his programs. I'm going to make some more cards!


Thanh said...

VERY cute. Sherry would be proud ;)

shuggy said...

i want mine!!! cute cards!!!

Kim said...

These are lovely in PINK! They are all so great!


Robyn said...

So super cute!! I also love the ones you made with Cool Caribbean! Way to go with the inspiration!

Myrnabs said...

OMG! I can hardly wait to get to play with mine! I got them in today's mail! I'm so excited. Your cards look amazing, I might need to case one, my little dd is turning 7 on the 17th, and she already informed me that I better have her card ready!!

Sharon said...

Great cards, especially the Girlfriends card! I am kind of partial to Cool Caribean, also! Keep up the good work!

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