Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in a coupled days.

I've been off school now for 3 days & I've not really done a whole lot. I am almost done w/Erin's 20Q CJ. I'm hoping to mail it tomorrow at the latest. I'm the last one to work on hers. Mine won't be back for a bit but, I'm excited for Erin to get hers!!

I've been obsessed with Grungeboard since Erin posted she hated it. That caused me to check out Tim Holtz's video on it. It is so NOT me but, I had to have it. 2 weeks ago, when I spent a ton at Archivers, I had it in my hand & put it back. I had instant remorse but, no one but Archivers sells it. On Sunday, I convinced the kids that they wanted to go to the Mall (that just happens to have an Archivers in it). Unfortunately, it's a smaller store. And arranged TOTALLY different than "my" store. I finally found the GB but all they had in the elements was stripes & harlequin. I wanted plain. But, I knew better than to wait & bought it. Here's what I did w/it that night. You'd think sometime in the last 3 days I would have had more time to play. What is my problem??

Well, I promised Scott that I would finally clean the house today so I must go. I will post more later, I hope.

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Thanh said...

That would be my fault. Lag time with Canada and what not... :S But you will get it soon and I hope you are happy with my page!

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