Sunday, March 2, 2008

February Christmas Cards

Ok, I KNOW it's now March but, I tried, really tried to get them done. Uh, Feb is a short month. I'd be right on time if there were 31 days in Feb. Ok, that's my story. These are a stamp-lift from Kristina's MACM 12/3. I thought this was the cutest idea and I decided my 10 cards this month would be this. How hard could it be? Well, parts were harder than I thought, other parts were easier: Tying 30 tiny bows w/sucky fiber (DMC Light Silver Thread --from my cross stitch days. As soon as you cut it, it separates into 4 thin fibers. UCK!) was enough to make me give up. But, I persevered. The easy thing was the Heat & Stick powder. I have had this stuff for YEARS and could never figure out how to use it. The glitter never stuck. And my sucky demo had no idea how to use it. Well, Kristina made it look so easy that I vowed to try it again (I also vowed to try the glue pad again & still haven't messed w/it; maybe tomorrow). I did it just as the video showed & it worked. Soooo cool!!


Anonymous said...

cute card!! I'll not comment on your being late, cause you are ahead of me!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi!

Don't despair! I rarely post comments on blogs, I mostly lurk. But congrats on getting such an early start on your Christmas cards for next yeat!

Nancy (directmailscrapper)

Anonymous said...

Love this card, I want to see it bigger!I like the pink and lime green combo.
And don't worry you beat me to finishing February Christmas cards, but I got my flood cards done.

Beth Norman said...

Wow, you're way ahead of me. Great card.

Kim H. said...

I have not started a card for next year are doing great! Love the ornament card!

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