Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4th, post Christmas blues

All day yesterday was spent taking down the Christmas tree. Everything except 2.5 hours spent w/my older brother (Wayne) while he took apart my computer (literally!) to get a tiny media card out of it (I was the one who stuck it in, not one of the kids!)

Anyway, back to Christmas. I hate taking down the decoartions. Really, really HATE it!! The house is plain w/o them. I have trees in all the bedrooms, candles, garland & wall art in the bathrooms, things on the doors & bubbly, glittery nightlights in the kitchen & bathrooms. It is all so GONE when it's gone!!

So, today: the upstairs tree comes down and I clean out Nick's toy drawer. That boy wants to save EVERY Happy Meal toy that ever makes it into this house! I told him to do it but we'll have to wait & see what he actually REMOVES from the room. Then I'll go thru it again. After that, we'll make a run to Goodwill!
Back to my computer. My brother took the whole thing apart & still could not get to the card reader to remove the media card. So, after he left, I was messing around with it & got the card out!! Yea me! Unfortunately, all the messing w/the card reader messed it up so it still doesn't work. Oh well, back to the USB cable!
Eventually, I'll take pics of my ATCs!

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