Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3rd, the resolution falls???

Ok, remeber when I said I was gonna take a pic a day & journal. Well, I failed already. I MEANT to take pics of Scott taking down the outside lights yesterday but, I didn't. I could give a dozen valid reasons but, that defeats the whole purpose, right??? I mean, technically, I DID take a pic of the ugly green ornament but, that's not what the whole project was about, right??

So, this morning, I got up early & took this pic. I think it'll work for my journalling about my feelings about the end of Christmas. I wish I could take artsy pics. I know this could look so much better but.... Oh well. I have half my C'mas stuff down: downstairs tree is down & most of the downstairs decor is down. Unfortunately, none of the "normal' stuff is up nor is any of the Snowman stuff up. I could do it tonite or look for the stamp sets I wanted to put on eBay or work on a swap or watch TV & go to bed early (gotta get ready for back to school! ICK!)

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Thanh said...

Good on your Suzi for posting everyday since.

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