Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Punch Storage!

While my dad was home this weekend, I had him put in the 3rd and final (?) curtain rod for my punches!! I LOVE this storage idea. So easy, so inexpensive. As I don't have much room here, I had to have the curtain rod cut off but I liked that 'cause then there was a double layer of rod below the punches. I had asked my dad to put the 3rd row .5" higher than the 2nd row. I think he wanted to make sure there was enough room! I think I can live with it!!!


Cindi said...

yup, I see your awesome punch storage!! I need to do something like that for mine

Mrs. Fence said...

Great idea. I have my punches in a shallow drawer, but sometimes I think I would like them out like this. Your dad rocks. Would he come help me do some???

The Mama Monkey said...

Love this idea!!

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