Friday, February 13, 2009

Pile O' Pizza Boxes

As promised (long, long ago!) here are the finished VD goodies. I hope the kids enjoy them (as Vicci planned to fill them w/candy, I'm sure they will LOVE them!!)

Of course, I won't know as I'm on a paid leave day. I did something REALLY STUPID yesterday and, sadly, I could lose my job because of it. The silver lining of it all, this may finally be the incident that teaches me to keep my temper in check!! I'm hoping for a written warning as I've never been in trouble before. Either way, it'll all work out for the best. I'm sure of that!


Karen said...

Those boxes are too cute!!! Also, good luck!! :> (TiikkiStars at the Shack!)

Anonymous said...

Suzi, those boxes are WONDERFUL. I be the kids love them!! You know I'm sending you HUGS!!!

Cindi said...

love the boxes!! I'll bet the kids did too. hugs to you, chin up!

The Mama Monkey said...

The boxes are just adorable! I hope everything works out at work. Big hugs to you!

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