Monday, August 16, 2010

Hippity Hop!

It's amazing how your day can change!! I was late posting my card so I just tossed it up here with the promise of coming back later, after dropping the kids at school. Here, 3 hours later I'm FINALLY getting back to it.

First, the card. This is actually not at all what it started. I started w/the flip side of this paper. It was pink & brown & orange leaves. I started w/a MUCH BIGGER flower but it just didn't work. So, I redid the flower (do NOT try this with scalloped nestibilites, too many petals!) and accidentally flipped the paper over. I liked it MUCH better so I went w/it. The pink may not "go" as well now....

Supplies: Stamps -- Ippity A Moment in Time (I don't know if you can see that I also used the tiny flower in the center of my flower), Cardstock -- Bazzill, DSP --BoBunny, nesties, glimmer mist & SU scallop punch.

Now, for the rest of the story. I get this posted & RUN upstairs to leave for school. 1/2 way up I hear a giant clunk, crash, smack. Nick's standing at the top of the stairs. I say "I don't want to know what that noise was, do I?" Becs walks out of the kitchen w/a wet skirt & SOAKED crocs & says "NO, you don't!!!" Somehow, the full gallon of orange kool-aid that she had just made 1/2 an hour before is now ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!!

I send her to change real quick, throw her shoes in the kitchen sink, send Nick down for beach towels. I soak up as much as I can of the kool-aid, rinse her shoes & we run out the door. I text Scott to let him know he DOESN'T want to go into the kitchen (he was on a business call when all this "went down" LOL).

Becca's driving the van, doing fine (it's feels SOOOO much bigger than our other van!). We come to an on ramp & I suggest she get into the left lane to let all the 3 cars coming on to the highway on. She does & apparently, 12000 more cars get on BEHIND her & no one will let her back into the slow lane (she's not comfortable going over 55 yet). So she signals & tries to get over but the cars are in too much of a hurry to let her over. She starts to panic, slows down even more, tries to get over when there's a car coming, freaks & FINALLY someone lets her into the slow lane. (Not until she gets flipped the bird several times!) She survived & made it the rest of the way to school w/o any incidents but it didn't make for a good trip in. I think we need more practice!!!

So I get home to a soaked kitchen, a soaked fridge and the kool-aid has leaked thru the tiny hole in the floor that the ice maker water line goes thru & has dripped into the light fixture, the ceiling tiles, onto the carpet AND onto my scrap table. ARGH!!!!

Most of it's cleaned now. The kitchen still needs put back together. The towels are in the washer. The carpets been scrubbed. It looks like the only things on my table that got wet were my CIS Paper Taker (outside only it appears!) and my Cuttlebug (easily wiped off). Now, I'm wiped OUT and think I need a morning nap!!!


shuggy said...

what a morning! and the first day of school, too!! now go craft after you nap! cute card, btw!!

Martha said...


lynn said...

bless your heart-take a nap:) your card looks lovely!

Gardner's Basket said...

Wow, what a crazy morning! Glad you made it. Your card is beautiful.

JenMarie said...

How lovely!

Angie Blom said...

beautiful card!!

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