Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hmmmm, it's only been 10 months.....

Since my last post...  Maybe I HAVE been busy.  LOL 

So, now I've evolved from Scrapbooks (12x12) to Cards (4.25x5.5) to ATCs (2.5x3.5).  I loved the little bitty size, so easy to find ANYTHING to fill the space.  But now, thanks once again to Angie, my "pusher" for all things crafty, I'm PAINTING!!!!  10 art teachers from my past just rolled over in their graves.  LOL  And, to 9x12.  YIKES!!!  It's pretty hard to fill that giant space, in my opinion. 

And, a new art hobby requires more art supplies.  And more space for said supplies.  Luckily, I still had TONS of MM Paint from my s/b days (thanks to Lori P. for THAT obsession!!) so they already had a space in my closet.  But now I need space for more brushes, canvases (canvi??) and stuff called "gel medium" & "mod podge" & "GESSO"?!?!?!  Plus, I've got a hankering for "modeling paste" and "caligraphy nibs" & "india ink". 

Well, unless I want to build on to the house (is that an option???), something had to go.  I packed up about 25-30 sets of SU stamps.  I'm not going to get rid of them because I KNOW at some point, I'll want to use them.  But, they can't take up space when I dont use them anymore.  (I find myself using mostly TH & Ippity/Unity stamps for everything anymore.)  So, they got packed up & moved upstairs under my bed.  Makes NO SENSE to store them that far away but, there is no more space in this house!!!!

So, now I have room for my painting supplies and maybe will find time to actually clean off my scrap craft table to make the hubby happy....  (seems HIGHLY UNLIKELY). 

So, if ANYONT managed to read thru all that crap, here is page one in my "Art Journal".....

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angie said...

happy to be your pusher.

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