Friday, February 23, 2007


Ok, y'all want to know about cakes?? I'm baker for the school district here. My job is basically to bake about 6 12x24 cakes everyday. Then, I'm also responsible for baking cakes for any special event. This week, I baked 5 18x26 sheet cakes along w/everything else! Some I bake from scratch, some from a VERY easy box mix: just add water, literally! Today, I baked coffee cake for a special event on Monday. They wanted a cherry streussel cake but, since the recipe makes 2 cakes, I made one cinnamon. OMG, it smelled soooo good!!! I wanted to cut it & eat it right out of the oven. Ymmmmmmm. Gives me a reason to want Monday to come!!

It's a great job (wonderful people PERFECT hours and the pay SUCKS!!!!!!!!!) and I can't imagine go back to a "real" job every again. I've heard, there are jobs that you get one or maybe one & 1/2 days off at Christmas. I can't believe such a thing!! And, I've heard there are jobs where, when it snows, you have to go to work!! Unbelievable! The only down side is I really don't feel much like baking when I get home. I think that has MORE to do w/the wanting to spend every waking hour here on the shack instead of being burned out.


Mary said...

Oh wow that sounded yummy. See, you learn new stuff about people every day. You should demand a raise since you are the best cake baker in the biz. :O)

Mary (toao)

Suzi said...

I think so too!! We were just talking today about how little we get paid. Next year, when min wage goes up, we'll all get a "raise". Of course, then I will be paid the same as any joe (or joette) off the street who doesn't have my AMAZING talent. :P

Julie said...

That is a totally cool job!!

Kelly said...

I dont like cinnamon but the cherry streusel sounds sooooo yummy!
And those holiday vacations you talk about, exactly the reason I wanted to be a teacher...LOL!
I love my job, but sometimes its REALLY hard to be grateful for it when youre going in when everyone else on the planet has it off.

Suzi said...

But Kelly, we need the nurses. I'm glad you (and Sara & Angie and whatever other nurses I'm forgetting) are out there!! What would we do w/o you??? THANK YOU for doing the job.

Thanh said...

Can you bake me a cake, Suzi?? LOL

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