Monday, March 10, 2008

I have no pictures from Saturday :(

Can you believe that I didn't accomplish one thing on Sat?? I really, really intended to but, I mounted my new stamps, ate, showed them the cuttlebug and then I worked on Marge's St. Pat's cards. I guess I should have taken pics of them to show. Some were really cute!!

Yesterday, in case you didn't know (and unless you have a pre-teen or a video game significant other, you wouldn't have known) was Brawl Day! The most anticipated day, even better than Christmas according to my 11yo. It was the day that Super Smash Brothers Brawl came out for the Wii. I had purposely NOT pre-ordered it because, being an old mom, I didn't realize the significance of the day. I woke up fairly early (even after setting the clocks UP) and read this cartoon: (click on it to make it big enough to see. LOL) (Ok, that doesn't seem to work. here's a link to see the actual cartoon.)

That's when I started to panic. We had promised Nick this game at Christmas. But, the release was delayed. Then, it was delayed again. Nick woke up before 7am yesterday ('cause he was so dang excited) so I asked him if he wanted to run to the 24 hour Walmart to see if they had it in. Of course he did. We got to Walmart about 7:15 and NO ONE was there except employees. Nick RAN to the electronics dept but didn't see the game. I told him he needed to ask the employee. She opened the case and had only 4 left!!! So, we got ours!!! She said they sold a TON at midnight & had lines a mile long. As we were leaving, another guy came in looking for one. I guess that meant there were only 2 left.

Needless to say, I didn't see Nick all day yesterday. He refused to go to the airport with us. He came out briefly to annoy the cat and again to eat dinner and take a shower. He's very bummed that he has to go to school today. He thinks that Brawl day should be Brawl week.

Now that I've written a novel on it, makes me think I should get some pics of him & the game 'cause if I have this much journalling, I should have a scrapbook page of it, don't you think??

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Thanh said...

Yeah, this game seems really cool! Im glad that you got your ds a copy.

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