Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nothing done again today!!

Dh came home from Dallas today. He got into the van crabby & tells me he thinks he's getting the flu!! ACK -- Go back to Dallas then!

I left my house this morning at 7:20am. Drove ds to school, picked up dd's bf & drove them to school, drove to my work, worked until 1:15, drove to pick up my friend, drove 15 miles to take her to a Culver's for her B'day (she's never been, LOVED it!), picked girls up on the way home, dropped friend off, dropped dd's bf off, picked up ds (who took the bus home from school, thank goodness!) and took him to Tae Kwondo, drove thru to get food, took food home to eat, left 20 minutes later, took dvd's back to McD's (redbox, hope y'all have these, they are AWESOME! $1 rental!) drove to airport, waited for dh's "on-time" flight for 30 minutes, got gas ($3.09 a gal in MO) and got home at about 8:45. I'm beat. Dh has fallen asleep ACROSS the bed, I didn't get to work on my swap stuff, laundry is not done & the house is not clean.

Tomorrow's another day: work, p/u dd from school (bf is on vacation w/her family before dad is shipped to Kosovo for a year!), go to SU party (4th in 6 weeks!) and maybe then I'll get to work on my swap stuff.

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