Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sorry, still no pics

I've been bogged down w/the non-stamping side of life this week. I have been TRYING to get my 10 C'mas cards done for March (wanted to be EARLY this month) and I've been working on a Shack swap but my printer is NOT COOPERATING!!! I hate when my printer is illogical. If it's gonna screw up, screw up the NORMAL way that I know how to fix! Don't tell me your printing and/or deleting and don't do it!!!

Twice now I've gotten icky "comments" on my blog. If I get one more, I'm going to have to either put those annoying letter/number things in for y'all to type or have to go to moderated comments. I don't like either option but I don't want you (or me for that matter) to get a virus by reading my comments. Why is there so much evil in the world?? Kinda makes you wonder what God thought was so bad during Noah & Lot's times.

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