Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 24

Here was the plan yesterday: I was going to the SU Open House, Scott was taking his mother shopping and the kids wanted to go with him. I was going to lunch w/my girlfriends, Scott could figure out what he wanted to do when lunchtime rolled around. I was going to spend the afternoon going thru my new catalouge and eating the coconut cream pie I brought home from Josephine's.

All went well until Scott got back to his mom's house and I was sitting down to look thru the catalouge. Scott calls me & his mom's computer was messed up. I tried to talk him thru it over the phone but it didn't work. So, I jump in the car, meet him there. We look at it together for awhile. He leaves (w/the kids and the $130 worth of junk he bought at WalMart. WHAT????) and stay another hour trying to figure her computer out. Never did happen. Now, I have to go back, call my bro in law while I'm there & try to see if I can find out why her desktop icons are in her "contacts" folder and why her internet favorites are missing. There ought to be an age limit for people to have computers!!!
ETA -- I finally ate the pie. It wasn't that great. I gotta stop BUYING pie when I know I can make better & its probalby CHEAPER. $6 for one piece of pie??? What was I thinking???

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Cindi said...

aww, sorry your day got de-railed! did you at least get the pie in??

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