Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 25

Here is today's pic. And, there is a huge long story to go with it.

My kids are responsible for cleaning the litter box. One week Becca does it, the next, Nick. Needless to say, they aren't thrilled w/the job. Nick accepts it better than Becca but Becca does a better job. LOL.

So, last week was Becca's week. She and Jack (the cat) have a love/hate relationship. She likes him when he's asleep and is TERRIFIED when he's awake. To be fair, Jack does seem to chase her a bit more than any of the rest of us. So, when it's her week to clean the poopy, she yells, screams, runs and generally tries to lock him away from her while she's completing the job. Usually, that just means closing the door from the family room to the laundry room thus keeping Jack out of the garage where the litter box is. Apparently, she either decided to lock the kitty door or by coincidence it got locked. But, for several days, Jack was locked away from his potty. Neither Scott nor I realized this. Jack was extremely vocal but, it's not like he was standing at the door crying. He sat in the family room & whined.

So, Thursday afternoon I'm tired & cranky & I sneak out of work early. Scott meets me at the door when I get home. This is NOT a good sign. He has discovered that Jack was locked out of the garage and his discovered that Jack finally couldn't hold it anymore & he pottied in the laundry room. Somewhere. So, being as Jack is "my cat" (just means he doesn't want to take care of him), I have to find the poopy (behind a roll of gift wrap), clean it up, wash the items that were under the poopy and spray the room to rid it of the delightful smells of kitty crap.

Ok, seems odd that Jack would have pooped but not peed anywhere. We're thinking that maybe he was only locked out for a couple hours & that's why we can't find the pee. We notice that Jack will not sleep in his kitty bed. He doesn't sleep in it during the summer but during the winter, he loves it. So, Scott tries to put him in his bed. He immediately jumps out. Scott puts him in again, out again. Finally, Scott picks up the pillow in the bed to turn it over & the whole thing is wet. Jack used his bed for a litter box?!?!?!! WEIRD.

All this to say that we pitched the old bed & bought Jack a brand new kitty bed! He's having problems getting used to it & won't go in there volunentarily. If we put him in it, and he's sleepy (he's a cat, when is he NOT sleepy?) he'll stay in there & sleep. I guess time will tell if he will get used to it or not.

BTW, we are now checking the kitty door several times a day to make sure it's open.

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Mrs. Fence said...

this is why we are a no pet family! LOL Great story and pic. The cat looks totally annyoyed! I think you should be scared now!

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