Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 28

Well, I got my wish! After Scott went out & tried to snowblow the 1" of sleet (didn't work!) it started snowing. Real snow. Big fluffy flakes of snow. It snowed for hours. Both my school & the kids' school canceled classes before 10pm! We woke up to a winter wonderland (I slept in until 7am!! That NEVER happens!) It was soooo pretty!

Scott had to work yesterday but was able to leave really late so he missed the icky roads. The kids and I got out to run to the Post Office, the bank, the library and the LSS (which was closed :( ). The roads were really clear. The street dept really did a great job.

Here is my favorite pic of the day tho. This time, the snowblower worked! Well!


Aunt T said...

Looks like my house yesterday. I snow blowed for the first time in my life so that my family could get in the driveway. Boy am I sore today!

Great pictures.


Mrs. Fence said...

Don't you just love how the world looks after a snow storm? Great photos, Suzi!

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